Why Equine Therapy?

People often ask why a horse would need body work. There are many answers to that question.

First of all, horses work hard! We ask them to perform highly athletic manoeuvres carrying our weight.

Secondly, there are many aspects of a horse’s life that are not exactly natural for them...stall life, the tack we use, carrying our weight, wearing shoes, different feeds and so on. We do all of these things with our horses best intention in mind, however there can be undesirable consequences to them in addition to the benefits.

Thirdly, injuries will result in secondary body imbalances. Anyone who has been injured can tell you that the area they use to compensate can soon become just as painful as the initial injury. So considering these things and adding in ill fitting tack, unbalanced riders, improper shoeing or trimming and the fact that horses just seem to be accident pone and equine therapy starts to make sense!