There are not enough words to say how appreciative I am in finding Jody. Since I found Jody just a few short months ago she has made such a difference in my horses.

I have had chiropractors in the past, however the results did not seem to be there. One of my horses (a 20 year old gelding) is quite nervous of people, in hiring Jody, he has absolutely no issues with her, he stands, and allows her to work on him. She not only makes the horse feel comfortable, but the owner as well. I acquired an older horse a year ago, who had never seen a chiropractor in his life. He was visibly in bad shape as far as his movements. A couple of treatments later, and my daughter was able to get him switching leads, running barrels, riding him in the rodeos and gymkhana and just trail riding. What a different animal, I couldn't believe it. Even a change in his attitude. He was no longer sore. There are no words to explain what she has done for me, and my horses. I have recommended her to all my horse friends, and will continue to recommend her. 

Thank you Jody for your patience, and consistency. When I call your always there for me. My horses say Thank You as well!!!!!

Heather Baudin
Edson, Alberta