Saddle Fitting

Having a saddle that fits is extremely important. Some of the signs of a poor fitting saddle are:


*White hairs or worn and broken hair

*Sensitivity over the back

*Cold backed or slow to warm up

*Poor performance (poor engagement, poor impulsion, difficulty with lead changes, etc)

*Stiff to one direction

*Objecting to being tacked up

*Decreased performance

*Atrophy of the back muscles

*“Heat Bumps”- small areas of inflammation present when the saddle is removed

*Any abnormal “bad” behaviour or poor performance I can help you evaluate whether or not there are any issues with your saddle fit and may be able to assist in getting a better fit.


One way to evaluate saddle fit is by doing what is known as a sheet test. 

* Please click here for directions to do your own sheet test.

* Downloadable version of Sheet Test here.