Applied Kinesiology

When we use a microscope with the ability to look beyond a molecular level, what we see is…nothing. All matter is made up of nothing but vibrating energy. All modalities are a form of energy. For example massage utilizes dynamic energy, friction, as well heat energy. The molecules of an essential oil vibrate at a certain frequency which can then affect the frequency of the body’s cells. So, if everything is made up of energy, then an area with a problem or issue is also made up of energy. By introducing another type of energy, or modality, we are hoping to release or change the energy where the issue is. This is why one modality is not viewed as better or worse than another, rather it is a matter of finding the most appropriate one for the specific issue. So in some cases, an essential oil may be more appropriate for releasing a structural imbalance than a chiropractic thrust. Likewise, it may be most appropriate to release an emotional energy from the area using a Bach Remedy.

Applied Kinesiology is a way to check in with the body on an energetic level and determine which tools are going to be most effective for an issue. An example would be to focus on a specific muscle. We can then ask the body which tool would be of most benefit to that muscle. For instance perhaps a horse’s triceps test at a 4/10, with ten being optimal. When checking tools to help this muscle the body may want some massage to bring the muscle up to a 7/10. Then it may want an essential oil to bring it up to an 8/10. In some cases that may be all the work that the body wants on that issue in a session. In other cases it may require that an emotion is released. That is the joy of working with Applied Kinesiology, we can check in with the body to see exactly what would be of the greatest benefit at that time.