2003-2005:Diploma in Equine Science, majoring in Western Horsemanship from Olds College

Fall 2008:Helen J Woods School of Equine Therapy

Spring 2010:Equinology EQ 100, Foundation Massage, taught by Tina Watkins, Certified as an EEBW II upon externship completion

Fall 2010:Equinology EQ 103, Advanced Massage Techniques, taught by Debranne Pattillo, MEEBW, externship completed

Fall 2010:Equinology EQ 700, Principles of Saddle Fitting and Shoeing Dynamics, taught by Dr. Kerry Ridgway, DVM, externship completed

Spring 2011:5 day full body dissection led by Dr. Deb Bennet. Completed EQ 960 externship

2011-2013:British Columbia College of Equine Therapy, Certified as an Equine Sports Therapist

Fall 2012:Equinology EQ 300, Equine Biomechanics, taught by Dr. Hilary Clayton, externship completed

Fall 2012:Equinology EQ 600, Equine Gait Abnormalities and Lameness, taught by Dr. Barb Crabbe, externship completed

Spring 2013:Equinology 900, Anatomy in Clay, taught by Debranne Pattillo, MEEBW, externship completed

Spring 2013:Equinology EQ 1600, Equine Photonic Red Light Therapy, taught by Dianne Jenkins, externship completed

Spring 2014:Equinology EQ 830,Clinical Reasoning For Equine Health Care Professionals: Addressing the Musculoskeletal System , taught by Dr. Kerry Ridgway, DVM, externship completed

Spring 2014:Equinology EQ 1100, 1110 Equine Myofascial Release Level 1 and Level 2, taught by Ruth Golladay Mitchell, externships completed

Spring 2016Equinology EQ 400, taught by Dr. Nicole Rombach

Fall 2016Equine Spinal Dysfunction: Motor Control and Functional Mobilization/Core Strengthening Techniques taught by Dr. Nicole Rombach

Winter 2016Upledger Institute Equine Craniosacral, Ecosomatics Equine taught by Dr. Sandi J Howlett